Our first shop in Tokyo! KYO-TO-TO GINZA STORE OPENING.

We are pleased to announce that on March 31, 2016 “KYO-TO-TO GINZA”, our first shop in Tokyo, is scheduled
to open on the 6th floor of “TOKYU PLAZA GINZA”, a new commercial facility at Sukiyabashi crossing in Ginza.
The 6th floor called “Creative Japan zone” will feature fine articles and fashion goods with high-quality Japanese craftsmanship.
Ginza has been a fascinating place in which traditions and innovation meet, and nowadays attracts many tourists.
“Departing from Kyoto via Tokyo – to the World” is our concept as an embroidery brand who explores new ways of
passing on culture / tradition and the possibility of new embroidery.
We are delighted to open in Ginza our second home ground, And we hope to see you all in Kyoto or Tokyo very soon.

Kyototo Ginza Opening

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